Wagons And Tales

Wagons & Tales is a group of historical lovers that began 3 years ago to serve the community by bringing to life the stories and history thru reenacting with hands on activities, serving in Star Valley and as Historical Interpreter Rangers in the Historical District of Grand Teton National Park including Mormon Row and Menor's Ferry.

Our First Two Events:
- Freedom Fest Heritage Corner is June 29th, 2024, at Star View Park in Afton.
- GTNP (Grand Teton National Park) - we are there in 2024 on Fridays, Saturdays, & Mondays; July through Labor Day.

Besides those interested in reenacting the stories and skills at events, they are looking for people interested in any facet of history to join, inviting anyone with stories to share, old time skills or a desire to learn those skills, old tools, games, musicians, etc. (Pictures below).

Besides GTNP, last summer Wagons & Tales was invited to join Afton's Freedom Fest in June putting on a day of stepping back into the past of Star Valley at Star View Park where Freedom, Auburn and Fairview communities were highlighted. We were again invited back and this year and the focus is on Afton, Grover and Osmond and their history. We also helped the Star Valley Historical Society with their Wyoming State Tour.

It is an amazingly rewarding experience meeting people from all over the world. We need more hands to help especially with Heritage Corner on June 29th and invite you to our next meeting this Sunday, April 21st, 2024, at 4pm in the Afton Tabernacle.

Any questions, or interested in serving at Mormon Row in GTNP, contact Rex/ Debbie Saunders 208-982-5462, Jim/ Marlene Keeley 307-887-3611, Ronell/ Julie Skinner 307-880-2539 or Gregg/ Lenna Draney 307-887-3553.