Where to Find the Best Donut in Star Valley

By: Tim Hale
Published: November 1, 2019

I don't know about you, but few things make my mouth water like the smell of a freshly baked, sweet, warm donut. Donuts often strike the perfect chord when I'm searching for just the right tasty indulgence: Warm, soft, melt-in-your-mouth bread drenched with sugary glaze. What's not to love?

The challenge is that in Star Valley, your only options tend to be grocery store donuts. Nothing against them! In fact, if you pick up a Broulim's donut first thing in the morning, you're probably gonna be happy about it. Still, they're pretty run of the mill, and the day-olds definitely taste like it.

About a year ago I discovered a donut shop in Alpine called Delish Donuts and Coffee. I gave their donuts a shot and I've been a huge fan ever since. Let me tell you about 'em and see if I can tempt you to grab a couple dozen on your next trip through Alpine.

Why DELISH Donuts & Coffee is Unique

At first glance, you'll notice Delish's donuts are a bit different. First of all, they're small, almost bite-size (for me they're a “two-biter”). I find this refreshing. I tend to feel a bit guilty after putting down 2-3 regular sized donuts without batting an eye. With Delish, I can eat 5 or 6 and not feel like I've exceeded my daily sugar intake by 8AM (Yes, I know this is probably all in my head, but indulge me.) This means you'll probably want to pick up more than one or two. For myself I typically buy a half dozen, or a dozen or two when I'm with the family.

After sinking your teeth into one of these tasty morsels, you'll also notice they're cake donuts, not the more common “dough donuts”. I used to not be crazy about cake donuts, but I tell you, these are top-notch. They have a little crispiness on the outside as well, which adds a nice bit of texture.

They have several different varieties including plain, chocolate glazed, chocolate glazed with sprinkles, vanilla glazed, vanilla glazed with sprinkles, and cinnamon and sugar. You can get one variety or mix it up. For first timers, I'd definitely encourage an assortment.

Yummy Extras on the Menu

While I know them best for their donuts, Delish Donuts & Coffee has several other items on their menu. I'm not a coffee drinker, but the online reviews of their coffee are very positive.

The last time I visited they offered a homemade granola bar to my wife. We chomped on it on our drive out of town and it was fantastic! A little crumbly, but the flavor was spot on and it was full of all the natural, yummy stuff you'd expect from homemade granola. They also have ham and egg breakfast sandwiches and cinnamon rolls. Those are definitely on our list for the next go-around.

Where to Find Them

Delish Donuts & Coffee is pretty easy to find in Alpine. If you're approaching from the south, you'll spot their storefront on the right side of the road in a shared building with one or two other businesses. I've found them through Google Maps and iPhone Maps without any trouble as well. They're open 6AM to 1PM during the week and 7AM to 1PM over the weekend.

Give this little donut shop a try next time you're driving through Alpine...or even within 15 minutes of it! You won't regret it.